Favourite Coffee Cup?

"I can't explain this with science, but the cup you drink your coffee out of matters." Go!

I know, I know, you might be thinking "But wait, isn't coffee just coffee? Shouldn't it taste the same no matter what cup I use?" But hear me out. The cup you choose to sip your morning brew from can add so much to the overall experience. While science can explain the chemical reactions that take place when coffee is brewed and the effect of temperature on the taste of the coffee, it cannot fully explain the emotional and psychological connection that we have with the cup we choose to drink our coffee out of.

First of all, let's talk about the emotional and psychological connection we have with our cups. You know that feeling when you're holding your favourite mug and it just feels like the perfect fit for your hand? Or how about when you're using a mug that reminds you of a special person or place? These little details can make a big difference in how we feel about our coffee.

But it's not just about the emotional connection - the cup can also affect the taste of the coffee! A glass cup can show off the colour and clarity of your brew, while a metal cup can keep it hot for longer. The shape and size of the cup can also play a role in how the coffee smells and tastes. A wide, shallow cup can allow for more aroma to be released, while a tall, narrow cup can focus the aroma in one direction.

So, next time you pour yourself a cup of coffee, take a moment to appreciate the cup you're using. Whether it's a handmade ceramic mug with a unique design, a vintage cup passed down from a loved one, or even a disposable cup, it's all about finding the perfect fit for you. Trust me, your taste buds (and emotions) will thank you!

Do you have a favourite cup? For me, I have a cup which I like my cup of tea in first thing in the morning. I then have a cup for my first morning coffee. Then during the day I have a cup which I drink tea or coffee from.


Written by Grumpy Panda

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