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Indulge in a warm, chocolatey embrace with Grumpy Panda's Cocoa Embrace Gift Set, a delightful medley of our artisan hot chocolate varieties nestled in a sleek black gift box, lovingly tied up with a Grumpy Panda ribbon. Whether a sweet gesture for the cocoa aficionados in your life or a self-indulgent treat to warm your days, this set is your ticket to a rich and comforting chocolate experience.

Gift Set Contents: Receive three 200g bags of our handcrafted hot chocolates, each blend a testament to the artisan touch of Grumpy Panda. Choose your trio from the following delectable varieties:

  1. Dark Hot Chocolate:

    • Dive into a rich and bold cocoa affair with a blend of 51% cocoa powder and 29% chocolate shavings.
    • Ingredients: Cocoa Powder, Caster Sugar, Dark Chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, SOY lecithin (E322), natural vanilla flavouring; Cocoa Solids: 55% Min).
  2. Original Milk Hot Chocolate:

    • A classic cocoa melody, smooth and comforting with 32% cocoa powder and 18% chocolate shavings.
    • Ingredients: Cocoa Powder, Caster Sugar, Milk Chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, cocoa mass, SOY lecithin (E322), natural vanilla flavouring).
  3. White Hot Chocolate:

    • A creamy, dreamy white chocolate escape, with 48% white chocolate shavings and a hint of cocoa butter.
    • Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole MILK Powder, Emulsifier (SOY Lecithin (E322)), Natural Vanilla Flavouring.

Allergy Advisory: Contains lactose and soya. Suitable for vegetarians.

Relish in the joy of choice as you curate your perfect cocoa trio, each blend promising a delightful escape to a world of comforting warmth and chocolatey goodness. This Grumpy Panda specialty is more than just a gift; it's an invitation to experience the tender embrace of quality cocoa. So why not spread the love with a gift set that speaks volumes in flavour and affection? 🐼☕🍫