Grumpy Panda Branded Black Tote Bags - Eco-friendly, Reusable Cotton Tote

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Embrace the grump and go eco with our Grumpy Panda branded Black Tote Bags! Crafted from strong 5oz cotton, these totes are a perfect eco-friendly swap for plastic bags. With long, sturdy handles, they're tailored for your daily essentials. Our playful logo makes a statement; these totes are more than just bags. Whether you're on a grocery run or planning a day out, they're your durable, quirky companion. Every use is a step towards eco-conscious living, infused with a fun grumpiness that's quintessentially Grumpy Panda. Get yours and flaunt the grump eco-style!

----- Size -----
The tote bag measures 380mm wide by 420mm tall, with handles long enough to ensure the bag can be worn over the shoulder.

• Our charming logo is printed in black on one side of the bag
• Made from 100% cotton, this bag is ideal for a grump-on-the-go
• Proudly designed with a wink and a smile in Norfolk.