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Artisan Coffee Roasted in Norfolk

Our coffee, ethically aligned with the NKG Code of Conduct, is crafted by a seasoned, family-run roastery boasting 39 years of mastery. Utilising an open flame roaster with a cast iron drum, they unveil a coffee rich in flavour, aroma, and a luxurious mouthfeel.


  • "We absolutely love the Grumpy Panda Coffee. We have a Sage bean to cup coffee machine and since upgrading to this model, we’ve really noticed the difference between beans. Grumpy Panda beans are really good quality and are freshly roasted. We now have the Every Day Grump beans on subscription to ensure we get our caffeine hit each day. Highly recommend because life’s to short for rubbish coffee.
  • "I loved the different smells of the ground coffee at the Aylsham show and am now enjoying the delicious Grumpy shiva, Makeda coffee. Love it!"
  • "Fantastic coffee. Quick delivery and local too ❤️☕️🙏🏼"
  • "Brought some all day grumpy coffee at the royal Norfolk show 2022 it was very nice smooth with low/medium acidity and the packaging was fun, will defo be ordering more."
  • "Great product & customer service. Quick delivery too. Thanks."
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  • Jane
  • Stacey
  • Daniel
  • Ross

The Every Day Grump

Dive into the authentic essence of Brazil with our 'Everyday Grump', a single origin specialty coffee, scoring an impressive 81.2 on the cupping scale, from the fertile terrains of Sul de Minas, grown above 1000 metres and handpicked from May to July. The dry processing of the whole coffee cherry before bean extraction enriches the brew, making each sip a harmonious blend of sweet chocolate, caramel, and a nutty zest.