Grumpy Panda 50g Sample Pack of Ground Coffee

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Which Coffee?

🐼 Dive into the world of Grumpy Panda's unique coffee blends - because life's too short for boring coffee! 🐼

Choose from:

1. 'The Every Day Grump' Brazilian Single Origin Coffee

  • Taste Note: Aromatic, smooth, mildly acidic with hints of chocolate, caramel, and nuttiness.

2. 'Kung Fu Passanda' Indian Single Origin Coffee

  • Taste Note: Smooth, medium-bodied with a touch of spicy, smoky, and earthy undertones.

3. 'The Hoity Toity' Congo Single Origin Coffee

  • Taste Note: Full-bodied, smooth, spicy, and earthy with a velvety texture.

4. 'Nakatomi' Mocha Italia Blend Coffee

  • Taste Note: Medium to dark roast, full-bodied, chocolatey, nutty, and roasty.

5. 'Juju Java' Indonesian Java High Roast Coffee

  • Taste Note: Full-bodied, oaky, earthy with a hint of acidity and a floral aroma.

6. 'I'd Hit That' Ethiopian Mocha Coffee

  • Taste Note: Full-bodied, light acidity, earthy with fruity undertones.

7. 'Delectable Decaf' Dark Roast Mexican and Colombian Coffee

  • Taste Note: Chocolatey, nutty, and full of flavour.

8. 'Freudian Sip' Viennese and Fig Ground Coffee

  • Taste Note: Smooth, rich, South and Central American blend with roasted and ground figs.

9. 245 Trioxin – Blend from Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Brazil, 125g

  • Taste Note: Bold, nutty, rich roast with a genuine caffeine kick.

10. The Good, The Bad and The Grumpy – El Salvador, 125g

  • Taste Note: Bright cup with fair acidity, unveiling caramel, milk chocolate, and nutty flavours, crowned with a lingering finish.

11. Serious Black – Colombian Supremo, 125g

  • Taste Note: Balanced, smooth palate unveiling delightful notes of fruit, chocolate, and caramel.

Embrace the Grumpy Panda experience. Each blend tells a story, each sip is an adventure. β˜•πŸΌ