Grumpy Panda Coffee Treasure Set - Four 125g Bags with Complimentary Shipping

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Unwrap a curated collection of four 125g bags of Grumpy Panda coffee, elegantly presented in a gift box.

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The Every Day Grump - Brazilian Single Origin Coffee - 125g

Smooth, aromatic, and mild with a well-balanced, light acidity, revealing sweet chocolate, caramel, and nutty undertones.

Kung Fu Passanda - Indian Single Origin Coffee - 125g

Beautifully smooth, medium-bodied, with a gentle acidity, graced with spicy, smoky, and slightly earthy nuances.

The Hoity Toity - Congo Single Origin Coffee - 125g

A full-bodied, velvety brew enriched by the volcanic soil’s minerals, unfolding rich, spicy, earthy notes with a touch of red fruits, cinnamon and chocolate.

Nakatomi - Mocha Italia Blend Coffee - 125g

A hearty Italian style blend, medium to dark roasted, exuding chocolatey, nutty, and roasty flavours.

Juju Java - Indonesian Java High Roast Coffee - 125g

Full-bodied with a hint of acidity, offering a smooth, oaky, and earthy taste accompanied by a floral aroma.

The Good, The Bad And The Grumpy - El Salvador Coffee - 125g

Bright, fair acidity with notes of caramel, milk chocolate, and nutty flavours, providing a long-lasting finish.

I'd Hit That - Ethiopian Mocha Coffee - 125g

A full-bodied brew with light acidity and slight earthiness, unveiling a unique fruit undertone.

For Nairobi - Kenyan Coffee - 125g

Bright citrus notes with a hint of lemon acidity and a touch of blackcurrant, delivering a fine body and a clean, refreshing finish.

Freudian Sip - Viennese and Fig Coffee - 125g

A delightful blend of South and Central American coffees with the enticing flavour of roasted and ground figs, boasting a distinctive aroma and vibrant flavour.

Delectable Decaf - Dark Roast Mexican and Colombian Coffee - 125g

Mountain water processed to decaffeinate without chemicals, preserving the coffee’s chocolatey and nutty essence.

245 Trioxin – Blend from Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Brazil, 125g

A bold, nutty, and rich roast with a genuine caffeine hit.

Serious Black – Colombian Supremo, 125g

A balanced, smooth palate, unveiling delightful notes of fruit, chocolate, and caramel.

🔥 Our coffee is hand-roasted by a seasoned, family-run roastery with over 39 years of expertise, using an "Open Flame" roaster for a more flavourful coffee and enriching aroma.

🔥 Upholding ethical sourcing standards under the NKG Code of Conduct.

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THE PERFECT INDULGENCE: Presented in a sleek black gift box, adorned with Grumpy Panda ribbon, this set is an ideal treat for coffee aficionados or a little luxury for yourself! Enjoy a diverse array of our ethically sourced, freshly roasted local delights.

Storage Advice: Keep your coffee in a cool, dry, and dark place to preserve its aromatic essence. Unopened bags can be stored in the freezer to extend freshness. Avoid freezing opened bags as they may absorb moisture.