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Ground or Beans?

Dive into a curated ensemble of Grumpy Panda's aromatic treasures, all tucked within a sleek black gift box and tied up with our signature ribbon. The Grumpy Panda Mocha Box is the epitome of indulgence for those with a penchant for rich coffee and velvety chocolate.



Inside The Grumpy Panda Mocha Box:

1. "Every Day Grump" Coffee (125g)

  • Delight in the authentic gusto of Brazil with this Sul de Minas single-origin speciality coffee, boasting a commendable cupping score of 81.2. Hand-harvested from the lofty heights of over 1000 metres, this dry processed gem unveils a full-bodied flavour profile, beautifully balanced with a mild acidity and sweet notes of chocolate, caramel, and nuttiness.

2. Grumpy Panda Hot Chocolate (200g)

  • Erase the morning grumps with a mug of our rich hot chocolate, crafted from fine Belgian cocoa and real chocolate shavings. Whether it’s a comforting warm hug you seek or an indulgent treat, three teaspoons into your preferred milk and you're on a chocolatey voyage to delight.

3. Grumpy Panda Mug

  • Kickstart your day with a dash of attitude with our Grumpy Panda mug! This 11oz ceramic mug, adorned with the Grumpy Panda logo, is your perfect partner for enjoying your daily brews while flaunting your grumpy charm.

4. Panda Poo - Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans (50g)

  • Elevate your snack game with the cheeky yet delectable Panda Poo! The bold crunch of coffee beans swathed in luscious dark chocolate is the quirky pick-me-up you never knew you needed.

The Grumpy Panda Mocha Box is not just a gift, it's an invitation to a whimsical world where coffee meets chocolate, and grumpiness meets playful indulgence. It’s the perfect gift for the discerning palates and the playful hearts, a tribute to the joy of discovering deliciousness in grumpiness!

So, why the wait? Embrace the mocha magic, Grumpy Panda style!

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