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Step into the realm of exquisite coffee with our Grumpy Brew Beginner Set. This set is your passport to discover and enjoy the heart and soul of Grumpy Panda’s unique coffee blends. Housed in a sleek black box adorned with our signature ribbon, it’s a journey waiting to unfold with every brew.

Here’s what the set unveils:

  • 1x Black Plastic 3 Cup Cafetière:

    • Your gateway to brewing the perfect cup, every time. This sturdy cafetière makes coffee brewing a hassle-free, enjoyable ritual.
  • Choice of 2 x 125g bags of our hand-roasted coffees:

    • Select any two of our meticulously roasted, ethically sourced coffee blends. Each one tells a tale, from the smooth Brazilian mornings to the spicy Indian nights, and the earthy African afternoons.

Here’s a sneak peek into the choices:

The Every Day Grump - Brazilian Single Origin Coffee - 125g

Smooth, aromatic, and mild with a well-balanced, light acidity, revealing sweet chocolate, caramel, and nutty undertones.

Kung Fu Passanda - Indian Single Origin Coffee - 125g

Beautifully smooth, medium-bodied, with a gentle acidity, graced with spicy, smoky, and slightly earthy nuances.

The Hoity Toity - Congo Single Origin Coffee - 125g

A full-bodied, velvety brew enriched by the volcanic soil’s minerals, unfolding rich, spicy, earthy notes with a touch of red fruits, cinnamon and chocolate.

Nakatomi - Mocha Italia Blend Coffee - 125g

A hearty Italian style blend, medium to dark roasted, exuding chocolatey, nutty, and roasty flavours.

Juju Java - Indonesian Java High Roast Coffee - 125g

Full-bodied with a hint of acidity, offering a smooth, oaky, and earthy taste accompanied by a floral aroma.

The Good, The Bad And The Grumpy - El Salvador Coffee - 125g

Bright, fair acidity with notes of caramel, milk chocolate, and nutty flavours, providing a long-lasting finish.

I'd Hit That - Ethiopian Mocha Coffee - 125g

A full-bodied brew with light acidity and slight earthiness, unveiling a unique fruit undertone.

For Nairobi - Kenyan Coffee - 125g

Bright citrus notes with a hint of lemon acidity and a touch of blackcurrant, delivering a fine body and a clean, refreshing finish.

Freudian Sip - Viennese and Fig Coffee - 125g

A delightful blend of South and Central American coffees with the enticing flavour of roasted and ground figs, boasting a distinctive aroma and vibrant flavour.

Delectable Decaf - Dark Roast Mexican and Colombian Coffee - 125g

Mountain water processed to decaffeinate without chemicals, preserving the coffee’s chocolatey and nutty essence.

245 Trioxin – Blend from Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Brazil, 125g

A bold, nutty, and rich roast with a genuine caffeine hit.

Serious Black – Colombian Supremo, 125g

A balanced, smooth palate, unveiling delightful notes of fruit, chocolate, and caramel.

🔥 Our coffee is hand-roasted by a seasoned, family-run roastery with over 39 years of expertise, using an "Open Flame" roaster for a more flavourful coffee and enriching aroma.

🔥 Upholding ethical sourcing standards under the NKG Code of Conduct.

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The Grumpy Brew Beginner Set isn’t just a gift; it’s an invitation to a journey across the globe, one cup at a time. So why wait? Add to cart, select your coffee choices, and embark on a daily brewing adventure with Grumpy Panda. Let the aroma fill your mornings, and the taste transport you. 🐼☕

Storage Advice: Keep your coffee in a cool, dry, and dark place to preserve its aromatic essence. Unopened bags can be stored in the freezer to extend freshness. Avoid freezing opened bags as they may absorb moisture.