Celebrate World Penguin Day with a Dunking Discovery!

Happy World Penguin Day, everyone! 🐧 While we at Grumpy Panda can't bring real penguins to our doorstep, we're celebrating in a uniquely British way—by dunking a Penguin biscuit bar into our morning cuppa! 🍪☕

The Science of Dunking:

Have you ever wondered just how long you should dunk your favourite biscuit to achieve dunking perfection? Thanks to scientists, including Dr. Helen Pilcher, a stem cell biologist turned chief dunking officer (CDO) appointed by McVitie’s, we have some answers!

  • Dunking Times by Biscuit:
    • Rich Tea, Hobnobs, and Digestives: Dunk for less than one second.
    • Penguin Bars: Can be dunked for up to six and a half seconds.
    • Chocolate Caramel Digestives: Withstand up to 40 seconds of dunking!

Why Dunking Matters:

Dr. Pilcher's research indicates that the average biscuit should absorb 20% of its original weight in liquid for the optimal dunking experience. This precise balance ensures your biscuit is perfectly moist without falling apart.

Your Turn:

What's your favourite biscuit to dunk? Share your preferences and whether you agree with the scientific findings on dunking times.

Visit the Penguins:

Since it's World Penguin Day, consider visiting some local stars at Banham Zoo and Hunstanton SEA LIFE. Interested in doing more? Support penguin conservation efforts through Penguins International.

Enjoy your biscuits and your day – and remember, whether it's a Rich Tea or a Penguin bar, every biscuit has its moment!

Written by Grumpy Panda

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